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Woman Standing on Docks

Sand Tray Work

I discovered Sand Tray Work while a graduate student and I quickly became hooked on its effectiveness. I used Sand Tray Work during my personal therapy journey, as well.  So, what is it?

Sand Tray Work is about deep personal insight.  It uses miniature figures and accessories in a large “tray” filled with fine sand.  It is a way to create pictures or stories  from your unconscious to recreate and face trauma.  Sometimes you grasp the meaning immediately, and at other times, it can take a series of sessions and “trays” paired with talking about the process with a trained therapist, to understand your thinking more fully.

Many adults have found themselves drawn to using a Sand Tray for the creative healing process it inspires.  You might be one who enjoys this. If so, I’ll be honored to journey with you during your process of insight and discovery. 

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