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Questions About Disability Issues



Here are some questions I am asked:

What areas of expertise do you have?
Disability issues, Family issues with the disabled, Expatriate issues, Faith navigation, Recovery/addictions. Support for care givers dealing with a depressed family member.

Who can see you?
ONLINE: I work individuals over 18. I do couples work as needed.

How does an online appointment work?
We schedule an appointment hour. All you need is a web cam. We connect via our computers and can see each other. It is as if we are sitting together and having a talk. I will give you my undivided attention during our time together just as if we were in a physical office.

My life feels as if it is falling apart since my vision has changed. How can you help me?
Your life has changed and it is common to feel a great loss as well as a feeling that you are no longer in control. Finding out what feelings are common to the new situation can enable you to begin to regain a feeling of things being balanced or normal once again. You are not alone in your loss. There is hope that you can learn new ways to cope with what is a life changing situation. It does get better as you come to understand how to live in this new situation.

I have a child with a disability and it is affecting our entire family. What can I do to fix this?
Fining out that your child is not physically or mentally healthy is a devastating experience for parents and families. You progress through so many different feelings and eventually amidst the chaos that arises from all of this you find that you still need to make things work. Seeking help from a professional who understands the issues of disability can enable you to bring peace to a super-charged environment. When thw situation calms down there can be love and hope in the home. You can learn skills to take charge of things.

Ever since I’ve found out about my vision loss I’ve been dealing with depression. Can you help me?
Finding out you have a disability is a life altering event. A disability is going to affect you in multiple ways. At first you might be stunned or numb. You might be so shocked that you don’t know what to do. You might be angry and confused. Your daily mood will be affected because life-altering events do that to us. Talking about your feelings and sorting them out can go a long way to bringing the sunshine back into your life. Finding out about some of the options that are available will also help. Right now you might feel as if you are alone with this new disability. You are not alone with this and it does get better.

What languages do you speak?
I am a native English speaker.
I am learning Dutch but don’t use the Dutch language while working professionally.

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