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Woman Standing on Dock
Woman Standing on Docks

Endings: Short, sweet and to the Point


Yesterday at 4:00 in the afternoon I left the rehab center. It was the final visit for all rehab services. It has been an interesting several months.

While I improved in all areas but one and that was standing on one leg, my scores were higher and I feel good about the time spent there.

Something that helped me was my time at the Loo Erf. What the Staff taught me was that it’s all about how you approach any task. I feel like that helped me to understand what my real goal was.

I no longer fall down because I’m doing the things for my health that enable me to function in the morning. I’ve learned to ration any given task to about 30-45 minutes and I’m OK with that.

I’ve returned to kitchen work, washing dishes and cooking. Once again enjoying being able to contribute to the household in such a simple manner it thrilled me. (OK so my life hasn’t been exciting lately.)

I’m walking again in a normal fashion. In case you are wondering the Dutch don’t mess around: they get down to serious business. I like that.

The most amazing experience I had while there was one that occurred at the end of my physical therapy. We were sharing a room with another therapist. The therapist and her patient were playing Badminton. I’m sitting there watching the action and I turn to Floris and say “I wish I could do that!” He asks why I can’t and I tell him that I have really terrible hand-eye coordination. Hmm he says nothing more. Our next session he takes me to this large room and brings out two normal sizes rackets but the shuttle is a yellow balloon!!! I spent the majority of our 30 minute session successfully hitting the balloon. When I left the session I exclaimed to Jon, as a delighted child might that I’d played modified Badminton. I was so happy and proud. Now we have a new activity to do together.

In a strange way of everything I learned there the Badminton is what I’ll cherish the most.

It is nice that I can think better, put my thoughts into a nice blog piece and understand that things won’t ever be like they once were but for one 30 minute time in my life I was given a way of doing something I always wanted to do: hit the shuttle. Thank you, De Trappenberg.

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