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Counseling & Consultation for the Disabled and Families

Nobody gives out "how-to" manuals for raising children.  If your son or daughter has a disability you have the added challenge of sorting out those needs as well as your own. 

In the past 30 years, issues surrounding disabilities, treatments, therapies, and education of the disabled, have come a long way.  I would say society is doing better.  In comparison to 50 years ago, we’ve come a very long way!  However, there is still much to learn.

So what do you do when the therapist, the doctors and the other support staff do what they can but you still feel overwhelmed or have questions?  This is where I can help! My job is to support you!  

You may want to talk about your long-term plans for your child's’ future. You might simply need consultation on the process of taking the next step in the treatment plan.  Advocating for your son or daughter can feel overwhelming.  You might just need to touch base with someone who understands and is on your side.  

Having a disabled child might place you in a situation where you need to gain new insights, grow and build new inner sources of strength.  Ultimately you may need to work through guilt, and other questions of “why did this happen to us or my child?”  It is great to ask the questions and even better to be able to sort out answers that work for you.  

Discovering with your son or daughter what their real potential is can be exciting and eye-opening as well as scary.  As a family, you may need to work through the bumps, the anger the depression and the excitement of the present and the future.  

As your child matures their needs change and while they may want more autonomy enabling them to gain it and be out their own can cause rebellion.  Bringing a neutral person in might be the answer.  One of the common issues with those who are mildly to moderately disabled is the “I can do this without your help.”  When things don’t get done then the battle breaks out.  

One of the strengths I have is that I’ve lived through being disabled and have worked with parents who have talked about their fears and concerns for their children so I can see both sides of the situation. 

Whether it is consultation or therapy, I bring my insights to the situation and I’ll work with you. 

While you may be working with some experts in various fields who will help you and your child, I try to keep in mind that you know your situation, your child and yourself best.  My attitude is that you may have some expertise in these areas, as well. 

I’m here to help you get to the best possible place in your life, your family life and with your child.   



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