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Chargers and Starry Skies


Charger Overloaded

When I got my first pair of contact lenses they came with a goofy looking cleaning device.  It looked like something out of an alien movie.  There was a large metal canister that you filled with distilled water.  Sitting on top of that was a black removable container that you put your contact lens case into.  It worked well and I used it until the new and improved soft contact lens cleaners came out.  Let me think…that was 1974.  I had one electrical device and life was beautiful.  Mankind was walking and talking on the moon, color television was common no one had a P.C. and getting from London to New York in less than six hours was unheard of. 

Lat year I got some great hearing aids.  They come with a cleaning system that I can plug into the wall or if I really want to do so I can connect them to my computer via USB.  Not too shabby for 2011 technology.  I don’t mind cleaning the hearing aids nightly.  I just drop them in the box and press the button, and in two hours I have clean devices.

Now in August of 2012 I face a new problem: everything that helps me live a better life has a charger.  It takes me 10 minutes to pack up the devices I need.  I have to think and double check to make sure I have it all.  I think I need an egg head to invent a new way to charge devices.  Let’s see one central device that plugs into the wall and all my devices can charge while I dream of future missions out in the stars. In the morning I can gather them all up and proceed to have a wonderful full life.  Thank you science. 

Now here is what I presently have….

One Pebble:  and its associated charger. (a pebble is a back lit magnifier)

One Milestone: and its associated charger. (A Milestone is a dictation and audio device that I can listen to books on, record new Dutch words I am learning, and set an alarm.)

One hearing aid cleaner: and its associated charger.

One iPhone: I also now have a loaner iPad with their associated wall charger. (The i devices get off easy here)

I’m presently testing a new digital receiver device that links with my hearing aids. This version has three chargers!!! I don’t know if I’ll wind up with more devices for this thing only time will tell. 

Add it all up and you have charger hell.  The real question is: what would I do without them? 

The answer to that is: I would still be saying “huh?” and driving everyone I know to a long term commitment in the home for the not so sane.  I wouldn’t be able to store my essential Dutch files for easy retrieval during my homework sessions. I couldn’t play “Fling” on the large iPad screen.  I wouldn’t have handy dictionaries on the iPad.  Life would be limited in some meaningful ways. 

BUT on the upside I’d still have clean hearing aids in the morning because electrical cleaning devices have lived for a long time. 

I am very thankful for my chargers but sure wish that there were less of them. 

So why doesn’t’ some egg head do me a favor and invent the charger to end all chargers?  If they did…pick your own bad luck ending and post it here.   

Seeing Starry Skies

There are not words for what I am feeling at the end of my first full day using this new hearing device.  There is an experience that I can share that might help you to understand what I’ve heard this day…for the very first time. What I heard doesn’t mater but what I’ve felt does matter. 

Jon and I were headed home from a visit to his son.  We were in the middle of nowhere in Nevada.  We got talking about how the skies are filled with stars and that they are the most beautiful things to behold.  I told my then “friend” that I had never seen such skies. He slowed the car and pulled off of the i 80.  He turned the lights off.  We got out and stood and looked up.  There in the heavens were the stars that I had never really seen before.  Uncountable and beautiful they were all there.  Who knows how old the oldest star I saw was and it didn’t matter then and it doesn’t matter now.  There  in the middle of nowhere I did the only thing I could to express the powerful emotions I felt at that moment in time: I cried.  I never thought I’d see those stars in that way again.  When we married and moved to Germany I did have the chance to look up nightly and for 16 months saw starry skies.  There were never words to describe the feeling that I had as I looked up to the heavens..

Today I have heard starry skies.  I am so thankful to the egg heads who have dedicated themselves to bringing me this powerful miracle.  Today I did the only thing I could do: I cried. 

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