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Woman Standing on Docks

I’m Back


There is a reason for the down time on posting. It is complicated. I have not known what to write. It isn’t that I’m lazy but rather that the last eight months have been strange.

In January of this year I came down with shingles or adult chicken pox.  This is painful stuff and I did about a three week period in the hospital where I was on IV antiviral medication.  That was just the beginning of the journey.

I came home to pain killers, anti depressants that were part of the pain killer cocktail, and uncertainty.  I have found that I can now sleep longer than I have before this buggy ride began and I think that sleeping can be a good thing.

If only I had known…but life does not work like that at all. NEVER EVER.

Fortunately the thing that makes me happiest, working, has not suffered. This experience confirmed just how much I love doing the work I do as a therapist.  It is something that feeds my soul.

My blog has suffered.  It has been the area that has paid the price.  After I posted “My five Annes” I had planned to proceed to do several more blogs in this area. So now that I’m back to writing, which for me is a creative endeavor, I will attempt to post the next in the series.

I’m back!!!

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